The Narrow Gate

Jesus blazed a trail of self-denial and sacrifice. His trail is a path where I find myself crucified, daily taking up my cross in the pursuit of losing my life so that I may find a true life. I lay aside my selfish ambitions and choose to be forever fed by the Bread of Life. I … More The Narrow Gate


An idol is an idea. The danger of an idol originates in the heart of the worshiper, not the stone. A stone is not dangerous, but desiring something to the extent that you are willing to sacrifice something so you will get what it promises is dangerous. We may not have stone and wooden figures, … More Wait.

“Come to Me”

I often lose sight of what it means to take on the yoke of Jesus. He promises an easy yoke and a light burden. He says I will find rest for my soul if I am weary and burdened. But I find that following Him is incredibly difficult at times. It can be exhausting and … More “Come to Me”