I’m Moving

So, in case you didn’t know, I’m going to be moving back to Jacksonville, FL. Most people already know this by now, but every once in awhile I’ll mention something about my upcoming road trip to Florida followed by a “What?! You’re driving to Florida?! Why? To visit?!” Then I have to explain to them … More I’m Moving

A Broken Hip: Part 2

Today I returned to the doctor for my stress fracture treatment plan, and I left the office on crutches. However, I actually found out some good news. My fracture hadn’t actually progressed to an actual visible fracture yet. That glowing smudge on the hip bone is the beginning stages of a stress fracture: inflammation and … More A Broken Hip: Part 2

A Broken Hip

I literally broke my hip. So, I haven’t been running in about seven weeks. For those of you who don’t know, I found out last week that I broke my hip last December. I didn’t fall in the bathtub or loose my grip on my walker or anything like that. No, I broke my hip … More A Broken Hip

Florida Sunrise

Last December while visiting my place of origin in Northeast Florida, I made the early morning trek to Jacksonville Beach to watch the sunrise and take some photos. Here is a glimpse of the beauty I saw that day.